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George McNeish
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George McNeish



To be a peace advocate and an author.

To use my voice and pen to inspire the world towards peace and understanding.

The Betterment of the World.

The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct....
(Bahá'u'lláh, cited in "The Advent of Divine Justice", pp. 24-25)


Although George McNeish has two college credits in psychology and one in economics, he is mainly self taught. The world has been his school and creation his teacher. People are his text books. He reads to get knowledge of past souls and listens to those in the present.

He has read many books on psychology and he studies scripture. Aboriginal spirituality has been a special interest although he is interested in everybody's view on the Creator. He learns about the past by reading about the lives of those who lived it. Frederick Douglass has been a favourite author and he feels he has not only read his books, but has transported himself back in time to sit at the feet of Douglass and listen to his tales.

Being economically challenged has given him insights into the current world economy. Knowing his own challenges he is an advocate for opportunity. Taking handouts is demeaning. Everyone should have the opportunity to earn their own living and make contributions to the world economy. McNeish does not claim to be an expert and he has little faith in experts. He has observed how self proclaimed experts have done much damage to society. What we need is for everyone to get involved to work out the problems of the world today. Our way of thinking must change, become more progressive and all inclusive. Change of habit will be a natural outcome, however, people need to be motivated to make a change. The books McNeish writes are designed to motivate and inspire.

Story telling has been a method used for millennia to influence change and McNeish uses that in his fiction. His plots and subplots can be inspirational or appalling. Either way they are designed to animate or shock the reader from apathy to action. Being a new author at an old age, McNeish now needs to learn how to market his work. Due to his financial situation he needs to find ways that are free or nearly free. Thus he has built a trailer out of scrap parts, attached banners advertising his books, and pulls this around London and Ontario with his bicycle. You may have seen him and he would love to hear from you. You can go to his web site, to learn more about him and his books. There is a link to his blog were you can post a comment to let him know where you saw him. You can also send an email to

Bicycle and trailer


George McNeish is available to talk to your group about many subjects.

are a few. Whether you would like him to speak or you would just like him to visit, feel free to contact him for any reason.


Phone: 226-272-1363.

Currently George McNeish is working on several books and a play. He expects his next release to be "SPITITUAL SOLUTIONS TO ECONOMIC PROBLEMS." This was inspired by a letter from the UNIVERSAL HOUSE OF JUSTICE, the governing body for the Baha'is of the World.

Many organizations are now realizing that the world economy is not working. The rich continue to get richer and poverty is becoming more widespread. This book will look at ways to spiritualize the system and prevent a world wide disaster.

Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems

Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems

George McNeish wrote the short story, "Singing in the Chapel," after hearing about a slave who had been separated from her husband for 12 years. Coming to Canada as a fugitive she was walking by a chapel and was drawn in by singing. She opened the door and found her husband inside.

A subplot was based on a true story of a slave owners daughter that helped one of her father's slaves escape and married him in Canada. "Singing in the Chapel," was adapted for a play by Jason Rip. The short story and the play are both included in the book.

George McNeish was chair of the Fugitive Slave Chapel Preservation Project in London, Ontario when he began researching the story of the chapel. He found that the abolitionist John Brown had spoken in the building and, the following year, his failed raid at Harpers Ferry led to the most devastating war in USA history. McNeish wondered, "if someone had done things a little differently, could this war have been averted?"

The Alternative, Is there an alternative to war?

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